About Us

           Our company has experience in the market of Ukraine and abroad since 1997 and is a leader in Ukraine for the production of molds for the production of paving slabs. We produce more than 70 kinds of formats, all of our products in the optimum amount is in stock. Non-standard orders are made as soon as possible, as we have our own machine park.

            Forms for paving slabs we produce in accordance with TU U 25.2-05412380-001-2004 that are designed according to the standards of Ukraine. In the production process we use materials that provide high mechanical strength and durability during operation.

            For the production of paving tiles we offer plasticizers and other additives in concrete, which help to achieve the standard (DSTU DSTU B V.2.7-238: 2010) quality of concrete, as well as improve its performance:

* Superplasticizer accelerator C3 P
- Increase in strength, increased turnover of forms;
* Superplasticizer FLUX-2
- Increase in strength, formwork does not require lubrication;* Superplasticizer C3- Increase in strength;
* Air-entraining additive G_K_ZH -11 K
- Increases frost 2-3 cycle, ie 100-150 freezing - thawing;
* Antifreeze additive
- Allows we produce concrete at low temperatures;
* Grease Separen
- When using concrete has a glossy surface,
- Minimizing damage to an impressive layer of tiles, as well as damage to the wall forms aggregates.

            To expand the range of paving slabs we offer to the use of iron oxide pigments plant Tonchem China, we sell over 10 years.

            Due to operational staff, high quality equipment and materials, our partners are more than 1,000 manufacturers in all regions of Ukraine and Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, USA, United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Belgium.

            Delivery is carried out on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

            We are interested in cooperation and are looking for partners for sale. In accordance with your directions, we are ready to give details.