Instructions for Application of Moulds for Paving Slab Manufacturing

These moulds are meant for manufacturing of paving slab and comply with State Standards of Ukraine DSTU Б. B.2.7-145:2008. The products have particular purpose being meant for multiple cyclic applications along with being unrestorable according to State Standard GOST 27.003.


1.   The products are not resistant to environmental temperature below freezing being subjected to deformation at a temperature above + 48 °C as well as when exposed to direct sunlight.

2.      The paving slab moulds protected from the action of direct sunlight remain unchanged within two years, and at the same time, such products being exposed to direct sunlight become brittle.

The ageing process of material of which the moulds are made takes place under

the action of heat and light as follows:

  • destruction process (the breakdown of molecules at sites of oxidation);
  • advancement of intermolecular interaction process leading to the degradation of elastic and plastic properties of the moulds;
  • a polymer becomes brittle after the irradiation of two-hundred hours.


3.      When strength tests, the parts shall endure 300 cycles of moulding.

4.     It is prohibited to use open flame and the open-spiral electric equipment.If a fire breaks out, it is necessary to make use of all common fire-extinguishing

appliances, namely: central firewater main network and carbon dioxide extinguishers. If

a fire breaks out, it is necessary to wear grade A gas mask to protect respiratory apparatus.


5.      The moulds must be operated in the closed room equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation.

6.      The moulds must be operated on the equipment making use of the electric vibrator with a capacity ranging from 1.4 to 2.2 kW and the voltage of 36 volts.

7.    The persons having studied the working methods, being briefed and having passed an examination in safety precautions are permitted to attend the moulds.

8.     The application of moulds for manufacturing of other products as well as the application of other materials unstipulated by the Specifications may take place only after agreement with the Enterprise-Developer of the Construction Design Documents and on the basis of results of joint equipment test on the newly-proposed product and material in order to determine the basic technical and economic indicators when processing of the new raw materials to the new product and formation of relevant change in the Specifications. The Manufacturer warrants compliance of products with the requirements of the present Specifications subject to adherence to the transportation and storage conditions. The warranty period of operation is 1 year as from the date of shipment.